The future of heart failure telemonitoring

An automatic, AI supported, non-contact telemonitoring solution for heart failure patients

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Our values

The care of millions of heart failure patients could be improved by using simple and effective solutions.

Safe and simple

One of the leading indicators of heart failure worsening is the swelling of the feet and lower legs. The Heartfelt device measures foot volume, which can be used to raise alerts.

A non-contact solution reduces risk for patients compared to implantable devices.

Powered by AI

Once installed in the patient's home, the device requires no further intervention.

Measurements are taken every time the patient walks near the device. Automatic analysis identifies trends and uses changes in these to trigger alerts.

Timely response

Foot swelling, also known as peripheral oedema, starts around two weeks prior to hospitalisation.

This gives ample time to administer diuretics, cheap and effective drugs that can eliminate the excess load on the heart.

Readmission avoidance

Better care and better monitoring could potentially prevent up to 75% of hospital re-admissions.

Our device addresses this issue in a passive, non-invasive way requiring zero input from the patient.

Our solution

Heartfelt Technologies exists to help patients, their families, carers and doctors, to reduce hospital readmission rates from heart failure decompensation.

We have developed a device with an optical sensor which automatically monitors heart patients in the home. Why is this useful?

After a heart failure admission, patients are typically discharged from hospital and, on returning home, are asked to monitor their symptoms, notably their weight, on a daily basis. Many of these patients are not able to keep up with this monitoring regime, and a great number of them end up back in hospital when, with more consistent monitoring, they could have remained comfortably in their homes.

As our device doesn't require any input from the patients, data can be collected consistently and more accurately than the current routine of patients weighing themselves. For the doctors, this consistent stream of good quality data means patients should be able to live longer, healthier lives, and avoid hospital re-admissions.

The device can be easily installed in the patient's home and will track the foot volume of the patient over time whenever the patient simply walks past the monitor. As leg oedema (foot swelling) is one of the main symptoms associated with the onset of a heart failure episode, it is one of the key indicators of heart health.

The data is transmitted from the device to the cloud for processing with the aim of flagging-up of significant changes in foot volume, which allows carers and medical professionals to take compensatory action. More often than not, this simply involves ensuring the correct medicines are both prescribed and taken.

For patients, our device brings a level of monitoring previously unavailable and offers the promise of avoiding unnecessary hospital re-admissions.

Heart failure

Heart failure occurs when the heart struggles to maintain sufficient blood flow to meet the body's needs. It can begin with a singular event, such as a heart attack, but it also manifests itself gradually, over a period of time.

Heart failure most frequently develops into a chronic medical condition, commonly treated with specialist drugs. When all goes well, patients can live active, healthy lives for many years. However, the treatment regime doesn’t always work as planned and heart failure is the commonest cause of hospitalisation in patients over the age of 65. Furthermore, these admissions tend to be both lengthy and costly to manage.

Our aim, at Heartfelt, is to improve the home treatment regime for heart failure in order to bring about a significant reduction in hospital admissions.

  • Coronary artery disease (inc. a previous heart attack)
  • High blood pressure
  • Valve disease
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Excess alcohol use
  • Infection
  • Cardiomyopathies

For our patients

The Heartfelt device is not available for sale at the moment, but in collaboration with clinical teams, patients may be given access to it.

The Heartfelt device is being used in numerous locations around the world. If you have one installed in your home, it is important to realise that it is a medical monitoring tool, not a treatment, and it doesn't replace the care of a doctor or their medical team. Always follow your doctor's advice and report any concerns that you may have to them.

We always welcome comments from patients, their families and their healthcare professionals. If you would like to share any thoughts please write to us at [email protected]. Please note that this inbox is not monitored daily and therefore you should not use this to contact us about technical support or clinical support.

If you need an electronic copy of the instructions for use, you access it in the download section. If you require a printed copy of the instructions for use, please email [email protected] and include your device serial number (found on the back).


Watch presentations by our founders and read articles about Heartfelt.

Evaluation of the Heartfelt device's predictive utility in heart failure - insights from the FOOT multicentre trial. Presented at CSI Focus D-HF in December 2023.

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Findings from the FOOT study: a multi-centre observational retrospective trial evaluating the alert system of the Heartfelt device. Presented at HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting in October 2023.

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Primary care based study evaluates Heartfelt device's effectiveness in telemonitoring chronic heart failure patients, showing higher adherence than traditional methods. Published in Home Health Care Management & Practice in August 2023.

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Field data showing significant improvement in data availability using the Heartfelt device compared with standard care. Presented at CSI Focus D-HF in December 2022.

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Results from the LOVE-HF1 trial presented at the British Cardiology Society Conference in June 2022.

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Case report describing the first patient to use our device in their home. Published in BMJ Case Reports in April 2022.

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Scientific article demonstrating the accuracy of the device compared to the gold standard.

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Early data on data acquisition reliability was presented at the Barcelona Heart Failure 2020 conference.

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Dr Chausiaux, Chief Scientific Officer, presents data at the ESC Digital Summit 2021.

Dr Husheer, inventor of the technology, presents data at the ESC Digital Summit 2019.

The team

Meet the members of the Heartfelt team.

Shamus Husheer

Dr Shamus Husheer

Chief Executive Officer

Oriane Chausiaux

Dr Oriane Chausiaux

Chief Scientific Officer

Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams

Chief Technical Officer

Joe Nelson

Joe Nelson

Chief Strategy Officer

Eddie Powell

Dr Eddie Powell

Finance Director

Mark Brinkley

Mark Brinkley

Non-Exec Director

Melanie Keyser

Dr Melanie Keyser MD

Senior Scientist

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We always welcome comments from patients, their families and their healthcare professionals.

If you would like to share any thoughts please write to us.

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